Remote Flight Operations.

Our integrated aviation platform provides everything you need to
manage your entire flight operation—even if your flights take you to the
ends of the earth.

  • plan
  • Execute
  • Record

Flight Planning

Other aviation software solutions are designed for flight environments with robust aviation data infrastructures. They don’t address the challenges of flight operations in remote areas. FlightSpan is designed to meet the challenges faced by mission aviators and others flying at the ends of the earth.
  • Flight request portal makes it easy for your customers to request flights and monitor flight schedules
  • Streamlined, comprehensive flight scheduling toolset, designed with your flight coordinator in mind
  • Scheduled flights and associated passenger and cargo loads are downloaded to the EFB, streamlining the flight planning process
  • Easily build and manage company route structures and company-specific runway charts
  • Integrated company NOTAM and hazard reporting system ensures flight crews have the most current information available for operations at remote runways.

Flight Execution

Flying under changing conditions brings unique challenges to a pilot. The last thing a pilot needs is to manage flight data with multiple apps taking precious time and effort from flying the plane. An EFB designed specifically for this challenging environment is key. FlightSpan includes an EFB with intuitive in-cockpit tools enabling pilots to focus on critical tasks. Aircraft data, waypoints, runway charts, company NOTAMS, and more are all at a pilot’s fingertips.
  • Scheduled flights are downloaded to the EFB along with passenger and cargo data
  • Advanced, easy-to-use weight and balance tool
  • Quick access to runway and landing zone charts, with automated takeoff and landing performance calculations
  • Two-way communication and status reporting when paired with v2Track™ satellite and cellular connectivity tracking device
  • NOTAMs and runway inspection tracking
  • EFB provides complete offline functionality to create flights, loads, and payments

Flight Data Recording

We understand the many tasks a remote aviation operation must accomplish with a small team. FlightSpan unifies mission-critical flight operation tasks into simple, streamlined processes minimizing operational friction and reducing error points. FlightSpan consolidates completed flight record data with one integrated tool that enables an in-depth analysis of your operations. Track all your data and save it in the cloud for on-demand access.
  • EFB flight data is uploaded for data storage, analysis, reporting, invoicing, monitoring aircraft hours, and tracking pilot flight and duty hours
  • Paperless billing and invoicing with multi-currency support
  • Exports to popular ERP applications
  • Flight crew fatigue management and currency tracking
  • Fleet management and coordination between flight and maintenance operations

Streamline Ground Operations

FlightSpan’s role-based access makes it the ideal tool for large or small ground operations teams. A flight request portal allows customers to submit flight requests, view flight calendar, and receive automatized notifications. Flight coordinators can link loads and payment records to scheduled flights or hold them for future flights. When planning flight schedules, factors such as crew and aircraft availability, route efficiency, fuel requirements, and runway and aircraft load limits are taken into account. Data from completed flights provides tracking aircraft usage, operations costs, and operational efficiency. FlightSpan also provides robust customer billing capability that integrates with your ERP system.


An EFB Designed For Remote Aviation

Remote aviators often fly to runways and landing zones that are not part of commercially available aviation datasets. These locations have unique operational requirements, and takeoff and landing restrictions. Keeping runway and landing zone data, and waypoint information organized with current, accurate information is challenging. FlightSpan centralizes this information in a single app and provides updates to the EFB portion when connected to the internet giving pilots confidence in their data. FlightSpan is a complete EFB for remote aviators.


An End-to-End Paperless Solution

Paper-based flight planning and recording takes time and is error prone. FlightSpan syncs with the cloud, providing timely flight data to operations staff without the hassles and errors found with manual data entry.


Fixed Or Rotary Wing

Whether your fleet is fixed wing, rotor wing, or a mix of both, FlightSpan seamlessly handles both categories of aircraft, automatically switching between feature sets based on which aircraft is being used.

For rotor wing aircraft, some of the unique features FlightSpan offers are excellent landing zone charts, an innovative and easy-to-use HIGE / HOGE performance calculator, the ability to create and document new landing zone waypoints in the field and a weight and balance program flexible enough to handle both internal and external loads.


Get Great Support From People Experienced In Mission Flight Operations

As pilots with years of experience flying in remote locations, we know well the challenges you face. FlightSpan was created to be a comprehensive answer to multiple in-house, one-off solutions that are error prone and difficult to sustain. Our experienced team is developing new, innovative features that originate with our customers.

Flying By The Numbers

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